Can a paper plane turn into a drone?

Aerial drones have been used on the battlefield and in movies, but now is the fast-growing world of unmanned aircraft expanding to paper airplanes? Former Israeli Air Force pilot and now founder of PowerUp Toys Shai Goitein is getting a lot of attention for his “PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane.”

“Essentially PowerUp is an idea that connects the homemade paper airplane to technology by connecting the airplane to your smart phone so you can literally control it through an app,” Goitein told

The airplane uses a guidance-and-propulsion system powered by a dime-size battery. After attaching the kit to paper, the device connects to smartphones using Bluetooth. The app lets users increase and decrease speed along with adjusting the flight level. There is also a battery level indicator and Goitein says the airplane can fly for up to 10 minutes. … (Read more)