For the First Time State-of-Science Aerial Videography Drones Will be Available for Rent at Affordable Prices

Richard Moses and Senn Moses announced today the launch of ACME WEST on ACME WEST is the first-ever to offer state-of-the-science aerial videography drones for rent. This unique company makes the newest drones accessible and affordable to the general public by offering them for limited time use.

“We are merging the highest tech drones made today possessing the most sophisticated aerial video capabilities to the old school equipment rental business. And, we’re making it affordable for everyone,” said Richard Moses, Co-founder of ACME WEST. “This way if you are a weekend photography buff, a student, or even a professional who just needs a high performance video drone, consequently an expensive one, for a limited period of time, we’re making it available to you,” added Moses.

Market Problem – the really good drones with long-range distance and altitude capabilities as well as video and photographic equipment are very expensive to purchase, prohibiting some people from using this fantastic technology for their projects and recreation.

Solution – ACME WEST is the solution. The company provides the superior, state-of-the-science drones for rent. Customers don’t need to buy an expensive drone; they just get one from ACME WEST when they want it, for just the time you need it! Plus, my renting from ACME WEST, customers are always assured of having access to the newest and greatest drones on the market.

The first drones ACME WEST will make available have the latest technological offerings and advances, consequently the best performance. Our initial fleet will be populated with the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ and the Walkera TALI H500 aerial videography drones.

“We chose to launch on because we wanted to go directly to our future customers for donations to the build and grow our company. By donating and helping us, our donors will receive an annual membership to ACME WEST’s drone service, special membership pricing and continual updates on the latest product offerings of ACME WEST. So they then could have access to the latest technology has to offer at an affordable price,” said Senn Moses, Co-founder of ACME WEST.

The company’s customer base will spans the broad spectrum such as professional photographers, film directors, producers, photography and film students, weekend sport and photography enthusiasts. “We also see a large market in the college and high school sports arena where coaches who want to document and study game play and practices for their teams,” said Richard Moses.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, ACME WEST will serve customers anywhere in the United States and around the world when the customer needs an aerial videography drone fro a limited time. The seasoned professionals of ACME WEST will efficiently communicate in convenient ways with their clients.