Friendly Skies: Drones to the Rescue

Our aerial future is promising, and probably safer, because of the robust, open and growing drone community, writes Holly Finn.

‘Didn’t you always want a bird on a leash?” asked the young man. He was wearing a dinosaur hoodie, with soft fabric spikes down the back, and holding a piece of tape about 10 feet long. At the end was an airborne personal drone—four hoops fused together, propellers inside each—buzzing obediently behind him. The crowd of a hundred, at this month’s DroneGames in San Francisco, was rapt. A drone as a pet! We all wanted one.

The competition, a sneak peek into what’s coming in the new year, included 12 teams, with 43 programmers from Twitter, Stanford and beyond.


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Source: Wall Street Journal: Lifestyle

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