How (soon) can we deploy UAV's succesfully in the commercial market

is the main topic of the UAS Event Programme with legal and regulatory issues, practical consequences for the airspace, technology and real business cases

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Programme overview

Peter Lee, Commercial and technology lawyer, Bird & Bird LLP (London)
about legal risks and issues through the UAS lifecycle and privacy issues surrounding the use of UAS

Gert Kruiswijk, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate
about (inter)national regulations and the practice

Major Waldo Jacobsen, Royal Netherlands  Airforce, Head of Airtraffic Control
about UAV’s  in the Control Zone, Airspace of Airfield Eindhoven

Gerald Poppinga, R&D Manager for mini-UAS, The National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR),
about R&D concerning new UAS platforms

Dr. Judith Dijk, Senior Research Scientist, TNO Defense, Safety and Security
about trends in sensor technology for use in UAS

Jarno de Jong, projectleader 3D, Geo Infra
about actual cases in orthography and 3D terrain modelling using UAS

Tinus Kanters, Accountmanager events, municipality Eindhoven
about the deployment of UAS services during sport matches and big events

Gerard ten Buuren, senior projectmanager,  The Netherlands Police Agency (KLPD)
about the deployment of UAS services by the National Police

Tamme van der Wal, partner, AeroVision
about deployment of UAS services in the agricultural world

Joop Wenstedt, Albatros UAS
about the development of UAS services for the civil/commercial market

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