New Satellites Could Make GPS Harder to Jam

Without GPS, drones can’t fly, communications networks can’t function, and you don’t have a chance of figuring out how to get to your Aunt Sadie’s place in New Jersey.

And right now, GPS is highly vulnerable because its weak signals are coming from an aging constellation of satellites.

Lockheed Martin, the nation’s biggest military contractor, thinks the next generation of GPS satellites might be able to fix all that. GPS III, as it’s known, is designed to improve the accuracy of the GPS signal and have better resistance to jamming. Also, it is meant to be compatible with its international alternatives like the European Galileo system or the Russian GLONASS system. Potentially, it will improve GPS’ accuracy and resistance to jamming — the deliberate or accidental transmission of radio signals that interfere with regular communications.

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Source: Wired Top Stories

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