Platform UCA will get new chairman

Due to some misfortune in 2019, the current Chairman and founder of the Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, Hans Heerkens has decided to stop and to hand over his chairmanship to Dennis Prak.

Fortunately, work has not stopped during his time-out. UCA are on the verge of being introduced operationally. PUCA-members are in the eye of the storm. “This is a good moment for a change” states Hans Heerkens. “The new PUCA-chairman, Dennis Prak, is an expert in logistics. It is now time to focus not only on the aviation side of UCA (however many of us have a passion for this) but more in its societal role: improving infrastructure, stimulating economic development, improving peoples’ lives, increasing international co-operation. Dennis is the right man for this. I will remain involved in PUCA and continue to aid its aims.” adds Hans

The next step will be the UCA Conference that the tireless organizer Pieter Hermans of Jakajima is setting up for 8 December. At that meeting Dennis will take over from Hans.

Hans’ and Dennis’ paths crossed when Dennis returned from TU Munich to the Netherlands this summer to start an assistant professorship at the University of Twente. He learned about PUCA, its network and objectives, and was caught by Hans’ inexhaustible enthusiasm about unmanned aviation.

His academic background is in logistics and management science, whereas his link with aviation stems from a large private interest in flying (He has a private pilot’s license) and the aviation industry. PUCA is the hotspot where these two converge, and he is am grateful for getting the opportunity to contribute to PUCA as new chairman. Read more about Dennis at the Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft website.

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