Sabrewing and the future of the unmanned cargo aircraft (VIDEO)

In May 2020 Sabrewing officially announced their new cargo aircraft the Rhaegal-A.

Pieter Hermans interviewed Ed de Reyes, CEO, Sabrewing, for JakajimaTV about the new aircraft, the Unmanned Cargo Aicraft Market, certification, VTOL technology and more.

About Ed De Reyes
Ed is a US Air Force veteran with over 40 years of experience in aviation. Ed recently retired as a test pilot in manned flight test, with experience in more than 60 different aircraft – from fighters and transports to UAVs. Ed’s UAV experience began as a technician on the AGM-86B

About Sabrewing Aircraft Company
Sabrewing Aircraft Company is building the world’s first unmanned regional cargo aircraft, known as the “Rhaegal-A” with a greater capacity than current aircraft such as the Cessna 208 “Caravan”, the Quest Kodiak or the Pilatus PC-6 “Porter”.

“Unmanned Cargo Air Vehicles Are Closer Than You Think” was a statement by Ed De Reyes, Sabrewing Aircraft, at the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference, early 2018.

Public perception – and the perception of many people in the UAV and air cargo industries think that Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCAs) still have a few years before they’re a viable way to move food, dry goods or even hazardous cargo.

In order to be truly viable, UCAs must meet or exceed the cargo capacity and safety record of the current generation of manned aircraft.

The lack of battery capacity in electric vehicles has fed the misperceived notion of trading payload for battery endurance, and battery capacity contains only a small fraction of energy storage capability that their manned-counterparts are capable of achieving.

Other seemingly difficult hurdles of Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) operations and in congested airspace have all combined to give the impression that UCAs are years in the future.

The technology to fly UCAs that are superior to manned cargo aircraft – especially in regional cargo carriers – is available now…and most of it is off-the-shelf.

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