How to Prevent Drone Pilot PTSD: Blame the 'Bot

The human operators who control America’s killer drones are susceptible to the same psychological stress that infantrymen sometimes experience after combat.

But better drones and control systems could help reduce the controllers’ stress levels — by allowing the people to blame the robots for the awful human cost of remote air strikes.

But there’s a downside. Sometimes you don’t want drone operators avoiding feelings of guilt.

At least that’s what Stanford University researcher Ryan Calo has concluded. Calo, one of the country’s top experts on the legal and ethical aspects of robot technology, has written extensively on the subject — and closely tracks the work of other researchers in his field. “It really matters how you design the controls,” Calo tells Danger Room. “Design and interface design … can change incentives and can change the psychological impact.”

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Source: Wired Top Stories

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