Why do conventional airstrikes seem to draw so little attention,

while drone attacks arouse paroxysms of anger among war critics and many progressives?

As the U.S. takes out another high-value al Qaeda target, the debate over Obama’s ‘kill lists’ continues. Daniel Klaidman offers a rare glimpse into what it feels like to pull the trigger.

On Wednesday, wire services reported that 18 civilians were killed in a pre-dawn airstrike in eastern Afghanistan. Afghan President Hamid Karzai blasted the NATO strike, pointing out that the U.S. government would have a hard time explaining the vans filled with the dead bodies of women and children that local villagers displayed for reporters. This latest example of civilians caught in the crossfire of America’s Long War got a few mentions in the papers and on TV, but it didn’t inspire much outrage.

And yet it occurred in the middle of a heated debate in Washington and around the country about drone strikes and President Obama’s personal involvement in the military’s so-called “kill lists.”

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Source: Newsweek World News

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