Presentations to download 2016

Below you can download the presentations at the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference that took place on May 26, 2016, at Twente Safety Campus in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Morning program
Hans Heerkens Hans Heerkens, Chairman Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, Download presentation
Katrin-Smolka Katrin Smolka, Academic Lecturer and Researcher, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University / Kühne Logistics University, about “UCA Business Models: Current Reality and Future Opportunities”, Download presentation
Loic-Poullain Loïc Poullain, Attorney, Bird & Bird, about “Legal issues regarding cargo operations with unmanned aircrafts”, Download presentation
IrnavanderMolen Irna van der Molen, Coordinator, Centre for Risk Management, Safety and Security, University of Twente / UT liaison, Twente Safety & Security, about “Drones and the Search for Responsible Innovation”, Download presentation
Afternoon program
robert-vergnes Robert Vergnes, Chairman, Neva Aerospace, about “Local and Regional B2B UAC services”, Download presentation
leeg-vrouwelijk Annette Temme, Scientist, Project lead “Unmanned Freight Operations”, German Aerospace Center (DLR), about “Unmanned Freight Operations”, Download presentation
Paolo Salvetti Paolo Salvetti, Vice President Strategy and Sales Advanced Systems & UAV, Avio Aeroa, about “The Propulsion System powering the future Unmanned Cargo Aircraft: conventional vs. breakthrough”, Download presentation
J Bernardsq Jacques Bernard, Consultant, LOR’AERO Consulting, about “Voliris Flying Container Project: a new kind of infrastructure using a hybrid airship”, Download presentation
maurice-taks Maurice Taks, co-founder, WFS Pro about “It is all about Human Capital”, Download presentation
M Coxsq Mark Cox, Program officer Energy – Strategic Area Energy, Eindhoven University of Technology Innovation Lab about “Unmanned air cargo in humanitarian context”, Download presentation