Autonomous drones flock like birds (VIDEO'S)

Copters can arrange in formation and coordinate flight patterns without central control.

At Eötvös University, Department of Biological Physics we are involved in carrying out research on the group flight of drones. We are highly motivated by the potential Applications of Autonomous Drone Flocks. By autonomous we mean that our robots control themselves to achieve the task they are assigned to in a self-organized, decentralized way.

Application Potential

  • Collective search: a flock of drones can typically be used in search/rescue/hunt operations with onboard cameras/heatcams. Multiple units perform much better than a single drone, since they can cover an area more efficiently while looking for a possibly moving target.
  • Agricultural monitoring: imagine a flock of drones humming above your plantation without stepping on fresh sprouts, measuring environmental conditions, assessing growth rate, delivering nutrients or pesticides locally in small amount.
  • Event surveillance: No need for expensive cranes or helicopters any more, a flock of drones can perform continuous surveillance or can provide multiple viewpoints anywhere from the sky.

fun part: Monty Python intro remake with drones