Drones could revolutionize future weather forecasts and accuracy

Research facilities at multiple agencies and Universities are testing how drones can collect meteorological data around the world that would ultimately help in forecasting. More importantly, they could sample the atmosphere in hard to reach, remote locations where weather data is impossible to get. The seemingly never ending Atlantic and Pacific Oceans would be a great place to start.

The computer forecasting models get all of their data from surface locations worldwide, as well as with weather balloon launches at strategic locations. But we are unable to sample much of the atmosphere because 70% of the globe is covered by water, where no people or structures can survive. So collecting viable data to use in these forecasting models has essentially been holding us back from fine tuning an ever changing forecast for the last half century. But these drones might be able to provide additional data, especially in key situations like potential land falling hurricanes, or the “polar vortexes” that make their way toward the U.S. … (Read more)


Source: MyFox9.com