Want beer delivered by a drone? Move to Minnesota (VIDEO)

During the winter months when it gets cold, it gets much harder to get to the shops and buy your beer… so what step do you take next? You order your beer to be delivered by an unmanned aerial drone, that’s what.

Lakemaid, a Minnesota-based brewing company, has done just that – after it saw 60 Minutes’ bit on Amazon’s same-day delivery system that uses drones. The owners of Lakemaid Brewing Company developed its own unmanned aerial delivery vehicle, which just delivered Lakemaid’s popular winter lager to an ice fishing shack near Lake Millie Lacs.

A drone had a 12-pack of Lakemaid’s popular Winter Lager strapped to it, where it took off to its delivery point. The video below, was met with divided response, with beer fans wanting to know when their local brewers would adopt the same technology, but was also met with criticism as drones are often used for surveillance by the military. … (Read more)

Source: Tweaktown.com