DreamHammer Announces Software That Can Control Any Drone or Robot

direct competition for Airware!
Just 10 days after the announcement of the $ 10,7 million funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures in Airware, DreamHammer announced the pre-general release launch of Ballista®, its drone control software.

This can’t be an coincidence!

Ballista is an intelligent control platform that for the first time integrates unrelated unmanned drones and robots from different manufacturers into one system. The software is poised to become the industry standard for drone and robot control software for the multi-billion dollar global unmanned systems industry.

DreamHammer had revenues of $6 million, in 2012 and raised its first external funding to support that growth. DreamHammer has been licensing the software and providing support services to U.S. military and intelligence customers since August 2011. Previous releases that were only made available to U.S. military and intelligence customers were alpha and beta releases. The current pre-general release is now available to key drone/robot manufacturers and developers.

Ballista is built on an open, versatile and all-encompassing software platform which allows for autonomous and simultaneous control of multiple unmanned vehicles across all domains – space, air, sea and land — and can be run from nearly any computer including a tablet or a phone. Ballista includes an easy to use, robust software development kit (SDK) that can be licensed by developers to integrate their drones, robots and third party apps. Pricing depends on the end use.

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