The National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) will speak at UAS Event

Gerald Poppinga, R&D Manager for mini-UAS, will talk about R&D concerning new UAS platforms

What is NLR?
National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) is the key center of expertise for aerospace technology in the Netherlands;

  • NLR employs around 700 people, including 300 with a Master degree and 150 with a Bachelor degree;
  • NLR’s facilities include wind tunnels (for testing aircraft produced by Airbus, Lockheed Martin and others), simulators (for testing the safety of new flight procedures, among other things), and laboratory aircraft;
  • NLR’s revenue amount to € 78 million, with contracts accounting for € 56 million.

Mission and Goal
The NLR is a Dutch organisation that identifies, develops and applies high-tech knowledge in the aerospace sector. The NLR’s activities are socially relevant, market-orientated, and conducted not-for-profit. In this, the NLR serves to bolster the government’s innovative capabilities, while also promoting the innovative and competitive capacities of its partner companies.

The NLR, renowned for its leading expertise, professional approach and independent consultancy, is staffed by client-orientated personnel who are not only highly skilled and educated, but also continuously strive to develop and improve their competencies. The NLR moreover possesses an impressive array of high quality research facilities.

NLR personnel continuously develop new aviation and aerospace technologies, which not only involves conducting scientific research but also applying solutions for private industry and governmental organisations.

Major Technology Institute
As an important partner for the government, businesses and civil society organisations NLR is one of the four Major Technology Institutes (MTIs) in the Netherlands. Other MTIs are Deltares, ECN and MARIN.

Through the utilisation of demand-driven programmes, the Dutch government commissions the NLR and the other MTIs to amass and maintain superior levels of fundamental knowledge. The remainder of the NLR’s revenue (75%) is derived from commissions from private clients.

The NLR’s national and international clients include governmental authorities, the European Union, civil society organisations, and a wide range of large and small companies active in the aviation and aerospace sectors.

Independent position
Complete independence is an absolute precondition for the NLR to be able to successfully serve its clients, some of whom hold divergent social positions. This is illustrated by the fact that NLR provides various parties (with varying interests), with independent knowledge and advice related to plans for developmental projects, including airports.

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