Automatic Train Driving – Presented by Burkhard Stadlmann, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Automatic Train Driving – Presented by Burkhard Stadlmann, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria at the Unmanned Cargo Ground Vehicle Conference , which takes place on June 14, 2017, at Maaspoort, Venlo, The Netherlands.

The presentation will give an overview of the different applications of automatic train driving. The challenges for automatic driving on rails and differences to autonomous driving on roads will be discussed. Concerning the fields of applications, both passenger and freight services are taken into consideration. Finally, the experiences and the current state of the ongoing autonomous train project of the author will be presented. This project focuses on the unmanned operation of regional trains with open access to tracks.

About Burkhard Stadlmann
Burkhard Stadlmann studied electrical engineering in Graz und received his Doctoral degree from the Technical University of Vienna. He worked in production automation for 8 years. Since 1997 he is a Professor for Automation Engineering and head of the research group “Railway Automation and Traffic Telematics”.

About University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FHO) was established in 1994. A total number of around 55 academic study programs are offered at four campuses. Many national, European and international research projects are carried out in a wide range of fields and disciplines. In 2015 FHO had 334 ongoing R&D projects with a total turnover of € 14.3 Mio. The main focus is on research that will lead to sophisticated and practical applications for the benefit of commerce and society.

unmanned eventAbout Unmanned Cargo Ground Vehicle Conference

What, When, Where: Unmanned Cargo Ground Vehicle Conference, June 14, 2017, Maaspoort, Venlo, The Netherlands

The Unmanned Cargo Ground Vehicle Conference is part of the first global multimodal unmanned cargo systems event – a two-day event (June 13-14, 2017) that includes 4 dedicated conferences and an exhibition:

During the conference we host our Smart Logistics Expo, a dedicated and focused business and research platform. This exhibition brings together leading global companies from the unmanned cargo supply chain. It is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and network with this pioneering community of unmanned cargo researchers, engineers, business developers and end-users.

Scope: Automated driving and unmanned transport systems are about to bring massive disruptions the road transport sector. Organisations active in this industry have to adapt their organisation accordingly in order to optimize operations and revenues. Unmanned Cargo Vehicles will offer solutions for many of the challenges the transport industry is facing: improved traffic flow and road safety, fuel consumption reduction and reduced CO2 emissions. The conference also addresses the benefits of unmanned vehicles for military purpose such as unmanned transport of goods in high-risk areas

Focus topics:

  • Control Systems
  • Automated guided vehicle
  • Truck Platooning
  • Road Safety and Security
  • Legal and liability implications
  • Autonomous operation architecture (5G / satellite)
  • Human factors
  • New value chains / business models
  • and more…..

Target: Shippers | Carriers | Truck manufacturers | Sensor manufacturers | Navigation industry | Research institutions | Military | System Integrators | ICT suppliers | Logistic service suppliers | Entrepreneurs | Investors | Airports | Governmental Institutions | Cargo Companies | Fulfillment companies | Retailers | E-tailers | Consultants


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