Blockchain is not a solution for all problems – Interview with Klara Paardenkooper, Rotterdam Business School

Blockchain is not a solution for all problems – Interview with Klara Paardenkooper, Rotterdam Business School

Klara Paardenkooper is Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Rotterdam Business School. She will speak about Logistic Applications of Blockchain during the Cargo Innovation Conference, which will take place on Jun 07, 2018, at Maaspoort, Venlo, The Netherlands. 

What drives you?

I am driven by passion for teaching and research. The young people that the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences gave me to my care are the professionals of the future, who will shape the world when I am in a retirement home and gone. It is thrilling to be allowed to have an influence on that.

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?

On the short run hardware and software innovations, which I think will go faster than Gartner suggests. When quantum computering gets in the speed of developments will multiply. On the long run I think that biomedical engineering will steal the show.

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?

I think that within 20 years automation and automatization will change the lifestyle of people completely. There will be less work and less jobs, and people will earn a lot less. But it will not be a problem as people themselves make products expensive, so if the share of machines in the production will increase, the products will be cheaper. I think that our grandchildren will have a 1/2 days workweek and they will learn for an other 1/2 days. I think that in the future technical development will go so fast that employees need to be schooled every day.

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?

I think that at this moment we have technology to improve production, logistics and at the same time solve the environmental polution and the climate change problems. The problem is that it does not happen. Technology changes faster than society. We are all afraid of the brave new world and we fear for our autonomy at all levels. We are afraid that computers and robots will take over, that the government and criminals will know too much about us etc. Technology has a price and it can be abused.

What do you hope people to learn from your presentation?

I hope that the audience will see more possibilities for the application of Blockchain, but at the same time be conscious of the fact that Blockchain is not a solution for all problems. However the most important message is that the application of Blockchain is not a technical, but an institutional challenge.


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