Where are my products and in what condition? Track & trace throughout the logistics chain – Presented by Erik Ekkel, Ahrma

Where are my products and in what condition? Track & trace throughout the logistics chain – Presented by Erik Ekkel, Ahrma at the Cargo Innovation Conference, which takes place on June 14, 2017, at Maaspoort, Venlo, The Netherlands.

As a customer we are used to receiving (real time) track & trace information of our package, ordered from an online web-store. Why is it that in professional logistics channels this information is not available to all interested parties and how can we solve this?

About Erik Ekkel
Experienced and creative innovation manager with over 20 years experience in the development and delivery of innovative products within consumer electronics, e-health and telecommunications markets. Worked for more than 20 years for Philips, founded own e-health start-up. International focused with 5 years work experience in Silicon Valley.

About  Ahrma
Ahrma is a young and dynamic Logistics IT company with it’s headquarters and the production plant in The Netherlands (Deventer). Ahrma has regional offices in 3 countries worldwide, serving clients’ logistics in the industrial food, beverage, pharmaceutical and retail industries. Ahrma’s first product is a revolutionary new ‘smart’ pallet with real-time track & trace functionality.

About Cargo Innovation Conference

The logistics industry is gearing up for possibly the biggest challenge in its history. Still in its infancy, research and development projects into unmanned cargo initiatives and smart logistics are aiming to bring about massive disruptions in the global transportation industry throughout the entire logistics value chain.

Organisations active in this industry have to adapt their organisation accordingly in order to optimise operations and revenues. This conference addresses the impact of digitalisation of logistics processes on efficiency and profitability.

Focus topics: M2M, IoT, 5G; Big Data; Sensor Networks; 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing; Robotics; Machine Learning; Security; Regulatory issues; Business models and more…..

The Cargo Innovation Conference is part of the first global multimodal unmanned cargo systems event – a two-day event (Jun 13-14, 2017) that includes 4 dedicated conferences and an exhibition: Cargo Innovation Conference; Unmanned Cargo Ship Conference; Unmanned Cargo Ground Vehicle Conference; Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference; Smart Logistics Expo


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