Drone Deliveries: Who pays the bills?

presentation by Gokul Srinivasan, Director of Technology, Robots Expert Finland Oy at ONLINE Unmanned Aircraft Conference, 8 December 2020, 16:30 – 20:30 CET. REGISTER HERE to attend

We have heard a lot about drone deliveries, especially about how companies get permits to fly, several videos of deliveries being done to selected end customers and all that. We have also seen forecasts that says the drone delivery industry will be worth $XYZ Billions. What we have not seen is adequate explanation of the underlying business models, if there is any. This presentation will cover some details about the business models, and showcase the difference between reality and fantasy of inflated values.

program: https://unmannedcargoaircraftconference.com/program/

Gokul Srinivasan has an educational background in robotics (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and artificial intelligence from University of Texas. After graduating, he gained experience working on DoD projects implementing concepts related to autonomous unmanned airborne systems. In 2017, he co-founded a company that did autonomous drone deliveries in Finland. Currently, Gokul is the Director of Technology for Robots Expert Finland Oy and is actively involved in Urban Air Mobility projects and 5GDrones Project.

Robots Expert is a European leading unmanned aviation (drone) advisory and expert company, based in Finland. Our goal is to help organisations increase operational effectiveness using drones, and advise cities on how to allow and control drones in the urban landscape. We also work with the fundamental capabilities needed to safely scale up drone use: U-space and radio networks.

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