Drones for Beyond Visual Line Of Sight

by Mahesh Nandyala, President, S3M Solutions LLC

Unmanned Aerial Systems are changing the industry rapidly. S3M wants to change the way the industry uses Drones. We have successfully completed 70 engagements in about 14 verticals.

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What drives you?
The Industry 4.0 is evolving and we want to be the trailblazers using the powerful Ai, Drones. The concept of connected Drones inspires me a lot as it opens up a great potential across verticals.

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
We want to share our experience, challenges and lessons learnt across the 70 engagements we completed. Unmanned Aerial Systems are still an emerging area and this is an opportunity for collective collaboration.

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
Connected Drones and the power of Artificial Intelligence.

What impact do you expect them to have?
Connected Drones can change the paradigm of the Industry. Imagine a Drone talking to another and spraying pesticides in a field. Different Pesticides can be sprayed by different drones across the same field based on the necessity. A central command UAV can do a pest mapping and the other connected drones can spray various chemicals based on the need and the inputs can be reduced considerably increasing yield. All this will be possible soon…. This is possible across verticals. Think of the value it generates.

What are the barriers that might stand in their way?
It is still evolving and the usual teething problems of any new technology exist. The regulatory approvals, safe deployments are some of the challenges.

“Special Quote”
Unmanned All Around ! Welcome to the Unmanned Cargo AIRCRAFT Conference!

About Mahesh Nandyala

Mahesh is a serial Entrepreneur. He has a great expertise in start ups and always uses out of the box ideas. He always was fascinated by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the way they create value. He set up a start up exclusively focussing on Design, Engineering of UAV and has successfully driven the company. This start up now uses an Ai Platform to detect anomaly and create value for its customers. He is a global thought leader. S3M is using drones for Humanitarian and Post disaster rehabilitation efforts too across the world.


S3M is a trailblazer of industry 4.0. It has used Ai tools along with Drone Data to create actionable data for customers driving value, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. It has extensive experience across various verticals.

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