Same-Day Nationwide for EUR 5 or Less

by Ivet Arabadjieva, Dronamics

Find out more about the three key technologies that enable DRONAMICS’s same-day nation-wide delivery networks – unmanned cargo airplanes, droneports and an automated flight management system.


About Ivet Arabadjieva

Ivet is a core member of the innovative team at DRONAMICS, a leading unmanned cargo aircraft developer and operator. They are setting up same-day nationwide logistics networks, using their extremely fuel-efficient UAVs, aiming to democratize aviation by making it more affordable and within the reach of remote and rural communities.

Decades of growing urbanization have forced the clustering of economic opportunities in just a handful of centers of commerce in each country and have further increased inequality. Ivet’s passion is to turn this around and improve communities which are less served by the existing infrastructure. With a cargo capacity of 350 kg and a range of 2,500 km, the DRONAMICS Black Swan provides prompt temperature controlled deliveries on demand suitable for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

About Dronamics

DRONAMICS is developing the world-leading cargo UAV “The Black Swan” – a fixed-wing aircraft that can transport 350 kg at a distance of 2,500 km cheaper than any aircraft in existence. Our mission is to leverage advances in autonomy, aerodynamics and production, in order to democratize air freight and accelerate e-commerce in emerging markets.

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