Sushi in the skies (without diamonds) ( VIDEO)


Sushi in the skies (without diamonds)

Drones represent the future of consumer delivery services, if recent developments are anything to go by. Amazon, 7-Eleven, DoorDash, and the like have all dabbled with unmanned vehicles, both in the skies and on the sidewalks.

But one Icelandic company is claiming a first in terms of a permanent, fully autonomous commercial drone delivery service that doesn’t have a human eyeball in its line of sight.

Online marketplace Aha has tapped the services of Israeli drone company Flytrex to roll out an on-demand food delivery service in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.

Aha, which provides a white-label marketplace and associated services for online restaurants, retailers, and grocery stores, is now among the leading ecommerce marketplaces in Iceland when it comes to restaurant meals, groceries, and other products.

As you’ll know, the quickest route from A to B is a straight line, but those familiar with the layout of Reykjavik will also know that the city bends around a large bay, meaning road-faring transport such as bikes and cars have to take a circuitous route to traverse the full length of the city. And this is where Aha’s tie-up with Flytrex comes into play. Continue reading “Sushi in the skies (without diamonds) ( VIDEO)”