Aeromapper X5 drone provides DIY mapping (VIDEO)

Programme the coordinates of the geographical area you wish to cover, launch it into the air, and watch it photographically cover the specified domain, snapping away at intervals from the air. A neat gadget certainly, but drones carry so many negative connotations, and could this prove a privacy nightmare?

In more detail, it’s a low cost UAV carrying a Sony NEX 7 24 megapixel camera, with 16mm pancake lens. It runs on Ardupilot Mega 2.6, is Spektrum DX8 radio control tuned and is powered by four 2200 mAh batteries. It flies autonomously after being launched by hand, for mapping and surveying applications.

The clever twist is that, once the mission is complete, the Aeromapper X5 turns its engines off and descends to earth again using a parachute landing system.

“Most UAVs out there with similar characteristics crash-land, which reduces its life span and put property and people on ground at risk,” point out its creators.

What are your thoughts? But first, check out the video below.


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