Awesome OpenRC 3D Printed Quadcopter Plans Available To All

Daniel Norée a member of the OpenRC community dedicated to 3D printing radio controlled vehicles has created an awesome 3D printed Quadcopter. The design uses a cassette system for the battery allowing a variety of different batters to be used by the vehicle and also making it very easy to switch batteries once one is flat.

In an interview with the 3D Print website Norée explained a more about his design and its construction.

“I started by looking at what electronics to get but man it’s a jungle, and rather complicated for a beginner,”-“I was about to give up when a friend offered to loan me a complete quad (DJI 450 Flame Wheel) so I could use the electronics from that and put it in my own project. In terms of design, I wanted to do something a bit different than what´s already out there and I also wanted to enclose the electronics in the design itself. As taulman3D is a great supporter my initial idea was to use taulman’s ‘Tritan’ to create a thin walled, low infill design that would be strong but still rigid enough for a quad.”

“The idea was to create a sort of cassette system for the battery so a number of different batteries could be used with the same bottom part,” Norée tells us. “Meaning you could design your own cassette and fit the battery in it and then slide that cassette in and out of the bottom part also making it very easy to switch batteries when needed. I never got to designing the cassette system so I just made a simple compartment to fit the battery.” … (read more)


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