Boeing Patent Drone is Designed with Components that Automatically Separate When it Hits Water

If James Bond had a drone, it would soar through the skies in search of bad guys, and then dive-bomb into the ocean, seamlessly transforming into an underwater evil-lair-seeking submarine.

Well, put down your popcorn—aviation giant Boeing has a patent for a drone that can pretty much do just that.

According to Forbes, Boeing’s patent, which was filed in 2013, and issued in April, describes a drone that becomes a small submarine the instant it splashes down.

In its filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Boeing lays out its plans for a “a vehicle which is adaptable for both flight and water travel [and] configured to fly through air and to move through water.”

What’s not entirely clear from the filing is whether the patent describes a consumer drone—which would likely be handheld—or something more geared toward military or law enforcement. Given the drawing of the proposed device, it seems more likely it’s the latter.Read more