The World’s First Droneport to Be Realized in Africa

Last week, architect Norman Foster presented the project of the world’s first Droneport to be realized in Africa. It will be supporting a network of cargo drone routes to save lives and build economies.

Last week, architect Lord Norman Foster presented his proposal for the world’s first Droneport in Africa. The Droneport is part of the vast Red Line project led by Afrotech, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

Afrotech aims to establish a system of cargo drone routes to deliver medical and other urgent supplies to isolated areas covering distances up to 100 km without even building one road.

Its director, Jonathan Ledgard, founded Red Line with the mission, “heavier payloads between futuristic droneports over inaccessible mountains and lakes.”

Only one third of Africans live within two kilometers of an all-season road.
This means saving lives and building economies since drones will bypass all the transport difficulties that prevent poorest regions from accessing healthcare and economic services.

Realizing a road network capable of keeping pace with the exponential growth of Africa’s population would be absolutely unaffordable, especially for those areas that would need drone technology the most.Read more

Source:, image: Foster+Partners ©

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