Google gets oke to test drone delivery

The proposed drone delivery service born in Google’s experimental labs will test its system at a U.S. site, the White House announced as part of an initiative to push research and safety measures for unmanned flight.

The U.S. National Science Foundation will spend $35 million over the next five years on unmanned flight research and the Department of Interior plans to expand its use of drone flights, according to an e-mailed release Tuesday from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The White House push comes after the Federal Aviation Administration in June finalized its first set of drone regulations allowing broad commercial flights and establishing requirements for unmanned pilot licenses.

“Honestly, the way I think about these issues, I don’t think about the problems,” the head of Project Wing, Dave Vos, said at a White House event to promote drone technology. “I think about the solutions that we can bring to bear.”

Project Wing’s test program will be the most significant drone delivery trial to date in the U.S. Inc. announced on July 26 it would begin testing its drone delivery system in the U.K.

The current regulations won’t allow the type of automated, long-distance flying that Alphabet Inc.’s X and Amazon have proposed for their package delivery systems. Project Wing will conduct experiments in a safe environment at one of the six FAA-sanctioned drone test sites to lay the groundwork for future approvals, according to the White House. X was founded by Google and is now a sister company under Alphabet. Read more……….



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