A Revolutionary New Method for Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

UAV provides inspection videos and photographs in minutes

Yellowtail’s Aero-Eyestm UAV’s are fitted with high-definition, high-resolution video, still and in some cases thermal imaging cameras. Remotely controlled from the ground, the pilot takes Aero-Eyestm off vertically. The UAV is flown to within 25 feet or so of the wind turbine and for the next ten minutes, the pilot maneuvers Aero-Eyestm to take high-definition videos and pictures of the turbine’s blades.

Real-time video feeds enable rapid decision making. The pilot then lands Aero-Eyestm and removes the Secure Digital (SD) memory card that contains all the high-resolution videos and pictures. A new SD card is installed and Aero-Eyestm ready to inspect the next turbine.

Until now, blade inspection has been costly, time consuming and dangerous. Without Aero-Eyestm a crane with scaffolding and ropes are moved into place so that technician crews can scale it and perform the inspection. Many hours later, the inspection is completed and the turbine is turned back on.

But not anymore, with Yellowtail’s Aero-Eyestm unmanned aerial inspection methodology, nobody has to climb anything. No cranes, man-baskets, or scaffolding required. The turbine is stopped for only few minutes. High quality video and still images are quickly captured and the turbine is turned back on. What used to take hours, now takes minutes with Yellowtail.

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