Domestic Drone Countermeasures Launches Company to Offer Privacy Against Domestic Drones (VIDEO)

Non-Offensive, Non-Combative and Non-Destructive solutions to counter invasive domestic drones.
Domestic drones are the commercialization of military technologies to be used against the citizens of the United States by various entities. Domestic Drone Countermeasures has taken on the task of commercializing military technologies for use as domestic drone countermeasures.

DDC offers many different, large area, small area, mobile and fixed drone countermeasures and systems. All countermeasures are non-offensive, non-combative and not destructive. Drones will not fall from the sky, but they will be unable to complete their missions.

DDC’s countermeasures are highly effective and undefeatable by most current domestic drone technologies. Multiple layer systems ensure success by impeding typical drone sensors, infrared and camera capability and their effectiveness.

Due to the growth of drone technology, the domestic drone countermeasure market is expected to grow quickly. In fact, the countermeasure market is likely to be as large as the current drone market itself. DDC and others in the domestic drone countermeasure industry are likely to require significant capital investment for rapid growth to catch up with domestic drone development.

DDC staff has significant experience in aircraft, military and high-end commercial systems to provide complex solutions that work and are able to survive in mobile applications and harsh environments.

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