"Good" Drones In The Service Of Serious Journalism

Drones don’t just make news, they are beginning to cover it. Brazil street protests are an early testing ground. But for now, the entertainment press is out ahead of the pack.

Last June we were able to observe from the air how 250,000 Brazilian protesters unnerved authorities. The display was there for all the world to see of the mass disapproval of Brazil’s multi-million-dollar budget devoted to World Cup preparations when public transport was in a state of disgraceful neglect.

It was like an episode of the X games. The pictures, beautifully taken from the air, were broadcast by TV Folha, the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper’s television service, using a drone. Let’s call it a “good” drone.

TV Folha’s innovation was just the beginning as we are becoming increasingly familiar with drones. Yet something strange has undoubtedly happened here. About a year ago, the word drone would remind us only of attacks on civilians in Afghanistan or Pakistan, unjustified deaths, “excessive” collateral damage, death and devastation and let’s face it, the common denominator, the United States. Yet these monstrous, metallic bumblebees have started to abandon their military vocation for civilian life. They are surprising us with their unknown and peaceful uses — as instruments of communication. … (Read more)

Source: WorldCrunch.com