Using a Drone in Servicing Hotels

There is lot of buzz about using drones commercially. Could restaurant owners use it as a cheaper delivery system? Could hoteliers use drone services?

The creator of, Joe Smith, shows that it is not a pipe dream, at least when it comes to hotel and other services. His firm already uses a drone to take aerial photos and videos of hotel properties from San Diego to Florida, which are used to attract more hotel guests. FreeHotelCoupons uses the aerial videos to highlight the site, while offering coupon discounts to guests.

Smith uses a small hobby drone that carries a camera on the bottom. He answers Blue MauMau’s questions on the problems and advantages of using his drone.

BMM: What service do you provide to hotel owners and franchisees?

Smith: provides hotels with the ability to reach a large travel audience at the critical points in their travel planning stages. From discovery, researching, decision making and purchasing, we help them reach potential guests looking for a place to spend the night. We also create hotel Video Mobile Commercials (VMC’s), providing hotels with an easy way to share their information in a digital format.

BMM: How do you use drones and what kind do you use?

Smith: Back in July of this year while I was purchasing a new cell phone, the sales rep jokingly suggested that I might want to have some fun flying their new Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 quad copter that you control remotely with your smartphone or tablet. We both chuckled since I didn’t think it would have much use in our business until I asked if it could be used to film video. When he responded, “Yes it can, and take a look at this video,” we knew we were onto something. It was then that we starting using a drone to film aerial video footage of hotels to be used in the production of our hotel Video Mobile Commercials (VMC’s).

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