Learn to fly a drone in an indoor environment during the UAS event

The NLR UAS lab, part of National Aerospace Laboratory NLR of the Netherlands, will present an obstacle course for mini-UAS, where everybody can experience how to fly.
Register for the exhibition and/or for the seminar, and you will be able to experience this yourself at the UAS Event, 11 April 2013.

The NLR UAS lab is part of National Aerospace Laboratory NLR of the Netherlands (Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium). With an inclination towards small UAS (below 150 kg) and often far below that, it provides support to (potential) end-users, the (inter-)national (emerging) industry and government in terms of rule and policy making. The NLR UAS lab helps to generate new solutions and concepts and provides creative solutions for the UAS market.

Equipped with a highly practical focus, NLR UAS lab will bring a number of commercially of the shelf mini-UAS and an obstacle course during the UAS Event. Attendants of the UAS event will be provided with an opportunity to fly with a mini-UAS, to get first hand experience in what it is like to operate this specific type of mini-UAS, in an indoor environment.

The NLR UAS lab actively seeks to create broad awareness on the potential of the UAS technology within various domains, varying e.g. from applications within the safety domain to providing assistance in third world countries, and e.g. from precision farming to determining cadastral borders with mini-UAS. The NLR UAS lab supports (potential) end-users of UAS provided services in obtaining a clear insight in the opportunities and infeasibilities of UAS technology for their specific domains.

The NLR UAS lab supports in areas including operations, maintenance and procurement and provides technical advice. In doing so, it enables its customers to become smart buyer and/or specifier of UAS provided services.
Although being young of age, the NLR UAS lab can rely on the overall infrastructure of NLR, with a 90+ years of experience in the Aerospace domain.

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