World Class Aviation Academy is partner in the first training center in Europe for Unmanned Aviation

Other partners in this project are the NLR, AEC Air Support and the University of Tilburg, which starts in 2014.
The NLR is going to study the possibilities first. “The unmanned aviation industry is growing and so is the need for well trained operators on the ground,” said Training and Simulation Manager Harry Bohnen of the NLR.

Many applications, low costs
Inspecting wind turbines is much easier and safer from an unmanned aircraft. Cheaper than the use of a crane also. A few extra eyes in the sky are also extremely useful in the detection of fires for example, to keep track of hooligans at football matches and to conduct military inspections. “There are many applications to consider,” said Bohnen. “And often at low-cost.”

Need for operators
“The developments follow each other in quick succession. More and more sophisticated unmanned aircraft are introduced in the airspace ranging from very small to very large targets. And so does the demand for operators. “Operators who are able to operate safely, professionally, with both feet on the ground. To use the ‘stick’ to operate at a distance, and if necessary, to maintain and repair the aircraft according to the growing regulations. Every reason to initiate a training center. Therefore, the collaborating parties can rely on a REAP subsidy.

Training courses
The training should provide a basic offer for students from civilian companies, government and possibly defense organisations. The choice for Gate2 as a location was quickly made. “Gate2 offers excellent facilities and is centrally located for the expected users of the courses. In addition, Brabant is a good area to give practical lessons. The required airspace infrastructure is already there. ”

The training is expected to start in 2014.

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