Agustin Arjonilla, Managing Director Renaissance Consulting at UAS Event in Odense.

Spanish Managing Director of Renaissance Consulting Agustin Arjonilla will give a presentation at UAS Event  about the use of unmanned aerial systems in forest fighting management (prevention, detection, fighting and restoration).

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

This presentation performs an analysis of all the aspects surrounding the use of UAVs in forest fighting management (i.e. not only during the detection and fighting phases; but also during the prevention and restoration after fire ones). As far as the author knows, it is the first timethis subject has been considered in such a complete and didactic way.

First, the worldwide problem of forest fire is presented in its global magnitude. Then the author describes how do we deal with this problem and more specifically how aerial means are used nowadays. Next is described the analysis process to determine the UAS generic profile from the operational parameters and to later fit the profile in currently flying vehicles and payloads. Then a summary of the results of such analysis is provided.  Finally, a brief introduction about state-of-the-art unmanned solutions such as NITROFIREX is given, with a final forecast of the future of unmanned forest fighting.


About Agustin Arjonilla
Agustín Arjonilla holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering and is currently Managing Director of NITROFIREX and Renaissance Consulting companies (Spain).

With nearly 30 years of experience in several R&TD and multinational projects for defence and aerospace markets (i.e. Eurofighter, Airbus A330 MRTT, A400M), he has specialised in the development and certification of real-time, safety-critical embedded software and systems such as Flight Control Systems.

He is currently member of EUROCAE WG 73 and WG93 (WP1 leader) and of the Group of Experts for the European Commission Information Society Technologies (IST) thematic priority in the area of Embedded Systems.


About Renaissance Consulting
Renaissance Consulting is a Spanish based private limited company dedicated to provide technological consultancy, development and certification services for practical, environmentally-friendly or highly social interest solutions in the Security, Emergency & Defence markets which makes use of the most advanced information and communication technologies such as: Unmanned, Embedded, Real-Time and Safety-Critical Systems.

Renaissance Consulting was founded in 2009 by Agustín Arjonilla to benefit from more than 25 years experience in the aerospace and defence industries.

Starting 2013 the trade mark “Tailored Avionics” was launched to provide a novel approach towards the provision of customised development of solutions for the unmanned sector.


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