Almende, Anne van Rossum, will speak at the Unmanned Aircraft Systems event

The presentation will be about  Fireswarm, a Swarm of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to detect and monitor large fires

Almende is a Research Institute of Multi-Agent Systems and Principles of Self-Organization.

Ir. Anne van Rossum is one of the leading researchers at the institute Almende B.V., based in Rotterdam, studied Electr. Engineering and Knowledge Engineering at the TU in Delft and pursues a PhD in robotics at Tilburg. His research in robotics at Almende concerned self-reconfigurable robots in the European project Replicator. Robots that can shift shapes. Anne is PI of the FireSwarm project. Drones finding forest fires. Research at Almende culminated in a spinoff Distributed Organisms, shorthand DO, where he supervises all research activities.

For more information about the event, go to this link.

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