Are you interested to conduct a flying demonstration with your system during the UAS Event?

In a parallel session during the day it will be possible to conduct a flying demonstration with your system.
The flying is permitted under special permission of the Royal Dutch Air Force, and you will be committed to keep in the special air spec for this demonstration.

The ‘airfield’ is a large meadow, some 80 by 100 meters.
The maximum flying height is 100 meters.
The flying box is 200 by 200 meters, which keeps you away from habitated area’s.
You must have insurance in case of damage to third parties.
Before the actual show flying your system will be checked if it is working properly and safe.

The organization will take of transport to the flying site of the visitors and their return (around 1500 meters).
The organization of the flying exhibit will be handled by one of the partners of the event.

If you are a sponsor of the event there will be no costs involved. If you want to demonstrate your system as a non sponsor, you need to pay a fee.

Please contact us before 7 March 2013 if you are interested via this form.

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