Birger Johansen, Systematic A/S will speak at UAS Event

Johansen will talk about ”Coupling the UAS sensor information using existing C3I technologies” at the UAS Event in Odense.

Unmanned Aircraft SystemsAn unmanned aerial system is not just the air vehicle and it’s sensors. To gain the optimal effect, it is necessary to collect and present the information and also to share it with other actors supporting the decsion making process and also to give the right actors insight to hidden or hard accesible areas. This presentation will discuss the problem, and demonstrate some tools and methods to ensure the maximum benefit of the use of UAS.



About Johansen

Birger Johansen joined the Danish Army in 1979 and has made a traditional Army officer’s carreer in the Artillery. UN-service in Israel, Syria and Lebanon 1991-1993.
Thereafter he finished a Military Technical education and a Danish Defence general staff course. Service in the Danish Army Material Command and promoted to LtCol in 2004.

Birger Johansen left the Army 2005 for a job as domain advisor in Systematic A/S. Today he is responsible for Sales in the Nordic countries and general military business development.

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