Erika Billen of BCAA will speak at UAS event

The presention will be about the Belgian approach related to remotely piloted aircraft systems and their insertion into non-segregated airspace

BCAA is a part of the federal public service for mobility and transport and is the regulator for all aviation related matters. It hosts also the authority responsible for inspection of aerodromes, aircraft and the oversight of air navigation service provider.

Erika Billen has a University Degree in Chemical Engineering at the Free University of Brussels (VUB, 1995) and a post-University Degree in Safety Management and Safety Advise at the Polytechnic Faculty of the University of Mons (UMons, 2004). She started her career in the petrochemical industry first as production engineer and moved later on into the position of safety engineer.

Since 2005, she works as a Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Engineer at the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority. She is responsible for the requests for permit to fly RPAS in Belgian airspace. She develops the national legal framework to facilitate the insertion of RPAS permanently into non-segregated airspace in Belgium. She represents Belgium within JARUS, EUROCAE WG 73 and EUROCAE WG 93 and Eurocontrol Regulators Consultation platform.

The presentation will speak about the Belgian approach related to RPAS (flights and areas) and their insertion into non-segregated airspace. It will give an overview of the current situation in Belgium, of the regulatory initiatives Belgium is involved in, will discuss the challenges for the future and ends with some conclusions.

For more information about the seminar, go to this link.

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