Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies, Dr. Lomme Devriendt, will speak at UAS Event

And will discuss UAS Mapping as an alternative for land surveying Techniques?

Can a UAS mapping technique compete with standard  surveying techniques? Since the boom in different RPAS (remotely piloted air system), UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), or UAS (unmanned aerial system), this is one of the crucial questions when it comes to UAS mappings. Not the looks and feels are important but the reliability, ease-to-use, and accuracy that you get with a system based on hardware and corresponding software. Although it seems like any conventional photogrammetry packet combined with any UAS system will end in satisfying results, there is a big difference between nice visualizations and land surveying quality. To tackle this quality gap, Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies has decided some years ago, although every airborne system is still supported in the software, to go more deeply into one specific UAS system which is most suitable for accurate data captation. Integrating this UAS system with specialized pre- and postflight software, that feeds the preprogrammed waypoint flight in a ‘photogrammetry’ way and adapts the postflight process on required image and flightlog data, results in a never seen high accuracy… ready to use and proved for real land surveying tasks.

Dr. Lomme Devriendt is head of the Department of Photogrammetry at Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies. The company, based in Belgium, is specialised in photogrammetry and mobile mapping worldwide and develops a range of software solutions for geospatial business intelligence and information management.

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies bridges the gap between Mobile and Airborne mapping and adds geospatial awareness and intelligence to everyone’s daily job and to each decision making process. Backed by over 45 years of experience in photogrammetry, cartography, spatial database management and geospatial processing, the specialized know-how and exceptional flexible software system architecture guarantees effective and affordable integration in each business process.

For more information about the seminar, go to this link.

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