"UAV for industry" by Benjamin Benharrosh of Delair-Tech at UAS Conference Madrid

Benjamin Benharrosh, Co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director of Delair-Tech, confirmed to present at the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Conference in Madrid. Title of his presentation is “UAV for industry: Power lines monitoring use-case”.

Delair-Tech with power lines agency to design a UAV that could help them monitoring their network.

  • Vegetation monitoring before and after pruning
  • Post-disaster Emergency Observation

The full solution is developed together with image processing softwares.

YX2A5401About Benjamin Benharrosh
After his Master’s Degree in Engineering, Benjamin has worked on the infrastructure business and co-founded Delair-Tech in March 2011. He is now the Sales and Marketing Director of the Company.

About Delair-Tech
Delair-Tech is a French UAV manufacturer based in Toulouse and created in March 2011. The products are the only one to be certified by the Administration to fly Beyond Line of Sight in a regular basis. This unique certification has given the company the unique opportunity to work with the biggest industrial companies for infrastructure monitoring (pipeline, gas lines, power lines, etc..). The focus has been put on the autonomy, the endurance, the operability of the UAV.

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