Will the future of aviation be unmanned? Find out at the UAS Event!

The UAS Event will bring specialists from all over the world together to assess the potential of unmanned aerial vehicles. Attendees from Europe will join the conference to network, share ideas and create new partnerships. The following experts and organizations from USA, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, France, Belgium and The Netherlands will share their professional views and knowledge during the seminar of May 27th:

  • “RPAS standardisation in Europe: an avenue for the industrialisation of a soaring sector” – Abdoulaye N’Diaye, EUROCAE (Keynote presentation).
  • “Mission-critial Real-time UAV photo and video communications from remote location and low bandwidth” – Javier López Herrera, AnsuR Solutions Barcelona (Keynote presentation).
  • “UCA & PUCA: international co-operation for making unmanned cargo aircraft a reality” – Hans Heerkens, Twente University.
  • “Exploring a world of UAS applications” – Lucas van Oostrum, Aerialtronics.
  • “The connected UAS industry: current challenges & key enablers for growth” – Jesse Kallman, Airware.
  • “UAV for industry: power lines monitoring use-case” – Benjamin Benharrosh, Delair-Tech.
  • “RPAs: Expericences in Guardia Civil”- Jésus Borjas, Guardia Civil.
  • “Issues regarding the conservation/environment field including lessons from the field projects” – Nir Tenenbaum, Wildeas.org.
  • “Will the future of aviation be unmanned?” – Juan de la Cierva.
  • “The first “Small” Unmanned Eco-system” – David Willems, Eye Remote Solutions.
  • “From the air to the earth. The accuracy of your data” – Arturo Zazo, Geotronics.

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