A Westporter builds a drone. Here's how …

There has been a lot of news about personal drones, especially since Amazon announced its Amazon Prime Air service a few months ago. It plans to use drones to deliver packages within 30 minutes.

Having had a small toy quadcopter for about a year, I have wanted to build a bigger, more sophisticated one. The recently opened Fairfield County Makers’ Guild in Norwalk, announced a class to build a quadcopter, so I signed up.

Over the weekend, my 9-year-old son and I built our own personal drone.

It started as a kit of parts that had been collected by our instructor, Chuck Allen. In the kit were a number of carbon fiber arms and plates for mounting our hardware, a flight control board, motors, propellers (including some spares because they inevitably break), jumper cables, a battery, a charger and more.

Mark Mathias and son Nick display the quadcopter drone they built. Westport CT. March 2014. Photo: Westport News/Contributed Photo / Westport News

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Source: Westport-News.com