AD Quenta at UCA Conference: Will future cargo aircraft and small passenger planes fly autonomous?

Director AD Cuenta, Adriaan De Graaff, confirmed his presence at the UCA Conference. He will present his view about the subject: Future cargo aircraft and small passenger planes: will they fly autonomous? 

Adriaan de Graaff The Strategic Research Agenda of ACARE expects cargo aircraft to be the first application of pilotless aircraft in civil air service. But the long range air cargo market is currently facing a down turn and new large aircraft will not appear on the market for years to come. However there may be other types of cargo planes that could be successful in the market as long as cost are low. This calls for unmanned aircraft that can fly fully autonomously. The same technology could be applied to small aircraft that can provide personal transport for door to door travel in all regions of Europe. The question is what is the market potential and what needs to be done to make this a reality. Future actions will need to be based on a brought approach including certification issues. The market seems to be ready to accept small UAS for parcel services but is the technology there as well? These questions will be addressed during the speech.

About Ad Cuenta
AD Cuenta B.V. is a consultancy company founded by Ad de Graaff. It provides strategic consultancy in the aeronautics domain and services to different organisations in the aerospace business. AD Cuenta is a member of the PUCA initiative.

About Adriaan De Graaff
Ad ducated as an economist at Groningen University. Worked in increasingly important management positions at NLR for 32 years. Became director of AD Cuenta consultancy in 2005. Participated in several projects for the European Commission on long term developments in aviation. Initiated the Out of the Box projects in Europe to stimulate creative thinking about future aviation.  Was partner in the MODAIR project and CARGOMAP.

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