"The Propulsion System powering the future Unmanned Cargo Aircraft: conventional vs. breakthrough" – Presented by Paolo Salvetti, Avio Aero

Today, the propulsion system represents a small percent of the value of a UAS; for a MALE it varies from 1-3%. Regardless, propulsion systems are key to ensure safety of flight and drive costs of operations, and this will be even more important on future Unmanned Cargo Aircrafts, where the engine will likely become the most important on-board system driving productivity. This presentation is intended to give an overview of the propulsion system for the future UCA, its relevance and the key productivity drivers; it will also benchmarking between traditional and breakthrough propulsion systems (eg. hybrid)

About Paolo Salvetti

Paolo holds a MEng in Aerospace Engineering and a Master in Business Administration. He has been working in Aerospace since 15 years. After Finmeccanica, and Piaggio Aerospace (where he managed the HammerHead UAV project) he joined AvioAero, GE company, where now he is responsible to grow the UAV business.

About Avio Aero

Avio Aero is a business of GE Aviation specializing in the design, production, maintenance of aeronautical engine components and systems. As a result of its continuous R&D investments and an established international network of relationships, Avio Aero has acquired a level of technological and manufacturing excellence recognized the world over.

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