"Voliris Flying Container Project: a new kind of infrastructure using a hybrid airship" – Presented by Jacques Bernard, LOR’AERO Consulting

Voliris has developed a new concept for the transportation of standard containers to remote areas, from harbors or train terminals. The system is based on a hybrid airship, filled with helium (or hydrogen) giving an aerostatic lift, combined with an aerodynamic lift obtained thanks to the shape of the airship envelope. The airship can take-off and land on relatively small, basically prepared runways. It is unmanned, totally automated (no remote piloting). The vehicle is assembled on-site, and delivered to the operator after flight testing, route proving and parametrization of the Flight Mission System.

The general design of the vehicle is presented, as well as the expected benefit in terms of effectiveness, performance and competitiveness.

About Jacques Bernard

Jacques BERNARD made the most part of his carrier at Snecma aero-engine manufacturer where he was Chief Engineer, for Rafale M88 engine, and Head of Research Programmes. He then took part in the development of the late Skylander SK105 project, a twin-turboprop commuter. He is now offering services to aeronautical innovative companies.

About LOR’AERO Consulting

Consultancy and engineering studies for aeronautical companies. Propulsion, airworthiness, innovation, project management.

About Voliris

VOLIRIS is developing the Voliris V932, a fully automated hybrid airship for container transportation.

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