Aviation Consulting Group UK at UCA Conference: Organising industrial participation in UCA development

Peter Obeysekere, Senior Partner of Aviation Consulting Group UK will be present at Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference ’14. He will give his view on the subject: Organising industrial participation in the development of UCA; the Welsh case. The presentation will cover the aspects of global participation needed to make the UCA project both technically and commercially viable.

About Aviation Consulting Group – UK
Aviation Consulting Group UK provides global aviation industry solutions. It is a leading aviation and aerospace industry knowledge based consulting practice based in the United Kingdom. Over the past 15 years it has carried out assignments on a global scale for Airlines, Airports, Academic Institutions, Airline Management Training Academies, Aircraft Leasing Companies, Investment Banks, Development Banks, World Bank, Government Agencies, European Commission, Civil Aviation Authorities, MRO’s and Air Cargo Operators.

JPOPICAbout Peter Obeysekere
Peter Obeysekere has over 30 years management experience in the international aerospace industry. He has held senior management and Vice President functions at British Aerospace (in the UK), Fokker Aircraft (Royal Netherlands Aerospace Industries)-Holland and Embraer Aircraft USA / Brazil. He has worked extensively at senior management level with both the global multi-nationals in aircraft manufacturing and with the end user airlines of the developed and developing worlds. In 2002, Peter Obeysekere joined the Aviation Consulting Group in the UK as Senior Partner. He was trained in Aeronautical Engineering by Hawker Siddeley Aviation in the UK. He has a BSc (Honours) Degree in Computer Sciences and Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. His MSc in Air Transport Management is from the Cranfield University UK.

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