Denis Koehl, SESAR Joint Undertaking presents about SESAR RPAS R&D Roadmap development

Denis Koehl, Senior Advisor at SESAR Joint Undertaking, presents at the UCA Conference: “SESAR 2020 RPAS Definition Phase and the RPAS R&D Roadmap development”.

Established by the European Commission in 2012, the European RPAS Steering Group (ERSG) has recognised a need to identify, plan, coordinate, and subsequently monitor the activities necessary to achieve the safe integration of RPAS into a non-segregated ATM environment. Given that the full integration of RPAS into the European ATM System is vital and that the mission of SESAR is to create the new generation of ATM systems and operations, RPAS will need to be incorporated into future SESAR solutions.

Against this background, the European Commission decided to launch a SESAR RPAS Definition Phase, extending SESAR’s mandate to consider civil RPAS integration issues based on the European RPAS roadmap. The objective is to refine the definition of the essential R&D activities that will enable civil RPAS integration in the European aviation system in the context of the SES initiative, and to validate the Roadmap’s contents and assess costs.

SESAR’s work will identify the global ATM interoperability and harmonisation requirements and enablers to meet performance targets. An essential outcome will be a R&D and validation programme, including planning, costs and priorities, as required by the identified ATM requirements and enablers, supported by a high-level implementation timeline. This essential result will be achieved through a detailed RPAS R&D Programme complemented by the necessary validation activities to be performed in the context of the SESAR 2020 Programme. This achievement will also provide a significant contribution to the European ATM Master Plan during the 2015 update.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the development of these essential R&D activities is undertaken in full coordination with the requirements for manned aviation, as described in the European ATM Master Plan, which is already linked to the ICAO Global Plan and the Aviation System Block Upgrades, while seeking to exploit early opportunities for quick wins.

Denis Koehl - SESAR JUAbout Denis Koehl
Denis joined the French AF as fighter pilot in 1976. In 1987, he is detached to serve within the Navy and obtained all Navy fighter pilot qualifications on board aircraft carriers. He was given command of a Fighter squadron than later Fighter Wing level and performed several oversea operational detachments. He was posted as Commander of Orange Air base in 2002. In 2004, Denis receives an assignment as Chief of Staff to the Air Forces Command and was nominated to Flag Officer in Oct. 2005. Promoted to Major General in 2009, Denis ended this military career and joined SESAR Joint Undertaking in Brussels in May 2010, as Senior Advisor to the Executive Director.

SESAR Joint Undertaking
As the technological pillar of Europe’s ambitious Single European Sky (SES) initiative, SESAR is the mechanism which coordinates and concentrates all European research and development (R&D) activities in Air Traffic Management (ATM), pooling together wealth experts to develop the new generation of ATM. Today, SESAR unites around 3,000 experts in Europe and beyond in an effort to make the SES a timely reality by developing technologies and procedures for a new-generation of the ATM system capable of enhancing performance. In 2007, the SESAR Joint Undertaking was set up in order to manage this large scale and truly international public-private partnership.

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