Microdrones GmbH present at UCA Conference: "A Paradigm Shift for Last Mile Logistics"

Douglas DeMaio, director of Marketing and Business Development of Microdrones GmbH, will be present at the Unmanned Cargo Aircrafts Conference ’14. The title of his presentation is: A Paradigm Shift for Last Mile Logistics.

Drones are a shifting the value chain of logistics. Technology of unmanned cargo vechiles are rapidly progressing and regulations governing the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems are being implemented throughout the globe. This progression will give logistics operators greater options to incorporate microdrones into the value chain, which will help to reduces last mile delivery costs.

About Microdrones GmbH
Microdrones is a private company that develops, manufactures and sells Unmanned Aircraft Systems to empower customers with a platform to create value for industry, enhance business practices, and improve safety and security. Microdrones aims to revolutionize Unmanned Aircraft Systems for commercial use through innovative aerial designs that enrich our customer’s UAS experience, enhance user applications and value, and inspire utilization.

About Douglas DeMaio
Douglas DeMaio is the Director of Marketing and Business Development for microdrones GmbH. He has a BA in Education from the University of Northern Colorado and is currently pursuing a MBA in International Business from Schiller International University. He previously worked for the U.S. Department of the Army for 12 years as a public relations director, media relations officer and command information chief. DeMaio has extensive experience in all aspects of newsgathering for local, national and international media.

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