Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference 2018 in the media

On March 20, 2018, the global Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference took place at North Carolina Global TransPark, USA. This 6th edition of the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft conference organized by Jakajima was hosted by North Carolina Global TransPark and supported by US Cargo Systems. Selected media coverage of the event


An international conference hosted its first event in North America in Kinston at the Global Transpark on Tuesday.

The Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference brings together educators, manufacturers, operators, consultants and government organizations in Kinston this week to discuss using unmanned aircraft and drones as a means of transporting freight and cargo.

Representatives from countries in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe are expected to attend the two-day event.

“This is a technology that will at some point be used to move freight. This is an opportunity to come and listen to speakers from all over the world and hear their perspectives, what some of the issues are,” said Charles Edwards, director of logistics and freight for N.C. Dept. of Transportation. Read more


Unmanned cargo planes are the newest marvel in aviation and Tuesday leaders from around the world met at the Global Transpark in Kinston talking about how soon we could put them to use.

Pieter Hermans from the Netherlands is an innovator of large unmanned cargo planes and says, “It’s really taking off. Three years ago it was an academic thing and now it’s becoming realistic.”

Hermans says they decided to hold their annual conference for the first time in the U.S., more importantly at the GTP.

GTP Executive Director Allen Thomas says, “This is what people have always envisioned about the Global Transpark here in eastern NC, where we would connect to the global economy related to aerospace.” Read more


The Unmanned Cargo Aircraft conference is underway at the Global Transpark in Kinston this week.

This is the first time the international conference has been held in the U.S.

Researchers and companies from all over the world were in attendance to discuss the latest developments and trends in the industry.

As technology evolves jobs and opportunities are opening up every day especially in our state.

The unmanned cargo aircraft is a relatively new phenomenon. Read more

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