Yasuhisa Yamaguchi, DBJ Capital presents: "Challenge to the UCA management service in Japan"

Yasuhisa Yamaguchi of DBJ Capital presents at the UCA Conference: “Challenge to the UCA management service in Japan”.

Soaring labor cost of cargo business has become big issue in Japan. Our UCA project will provide the solution for this problem and cause a revolution in the logistics business. The main technology of our project comes from AIST, which is research institute of METI. Dr. Iwata, senior researcher of AIST,has  invented the robotic actuator which controll the orientation of the wing . He has just launched new rogallo wing UCA which speed is 100km/h, payload is 100kg and fly 100km distance. Now our project will focus on theflight experiment of new UCA and the development of the UCA management  sysytem. This system will provide safe and reliable service to the logistic industries.

About Yasuhisa Yamaguchi
Yasuhisa is the Managing Director of DBJ Capital. After 20 years experience of long term financing and business development for ventures, he has created the venture capial, an arm of DBJ, and has managed IP Development Fund since 2006. He has invested mainly in Japanese high-tech ventures including robotics and IT area. Now he is managing $100 million assets of funds at DBJ Capital.  In 2012, He was selected as the promoter for ‘START project’ creating university ventures by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science & Technology.

About DBJ Capital
Venture capital arm of the Development Bank of Japan, Japanese government financial institution.

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